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The local farmers of Namehere village in Butaleja district got rice milling machine to help them mill their rice harvest. This came as a surprise to many as they never expected as rescue in the times of disaster that hit them in early Aril 2010 after heavy rains destroyed their crops to nothing. The machine which was donated to them by Humanity First Uganda was handed over to farmers by the organization’s chairman Mr. Nadeem Ahmad Saeed.

After the heavy floods of 2010, the people of Namehere village in Butaleja district went for almost two weeks unable to leave their island and go to mill their rice, this was because the water levels were too high. Therefore, many families failed to get what to eat since they had rice in their houses but the rains didn’t allow them to go and mill it.

With this problem, Humanity First Uganda provided the island with a rice milling machine to help them process their rice. This project was applauded by the local community and the district officials. The communities of Doho were capable of processing their rice with ease and there was a guarantee of food should the floods strike again and hence guaranteeing a meal.

Comments about the project from the leaders of the area

Many people were so appreciative to the project; however, we bring to you the comments from the leaders of the area;

This is real blessing from God, we have time and again been promised by many organizations that end up not to deliver, but this time round, God has answered our prayers, we can now grow rice with no worries of transport and other difficulties incurred along the process”.

Watatya Wilber, Chairman Magugu village

Time has come for our people to now celebrate, we are now going to save, we have been losing a lot of money as we process our rice and now it is just nest door. Any kind of weather will not deter us from having what to eat. Thank you humanity first, we promise not to let you down what so ever.

Mojjo Wilson, Chairman LC1 Wapala village

When we requested for help from humanity first, many people did not believe that we would reach at this level, humanity first has showed us how truth full they are to this community, we request you to continuously depict that kind of truthiness, for the committee members, we are ready to work and nothing will stop us from making this project a success.

Mwoso Matheus, Chairman, LC1 Namehere Village