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Over a billion people still live in poverty meaning that they are unable to feed their family, have very poor access to healthcare, sanitation and water, and are unable to earn enough to get themselves out of poverty.

The poorest farmers lack the resources and opportunities to make a decent living for themselves. Their soils are depleted resulting in very poor agricultural yields.

They lack the tools and technology to store and process crops, and are encouraged to provide raw materials for higher income countries to produce high value products such as chocolate and coffee. Whilst some initiatives at the national and global level are trying to open up fairer markets for the poorest farmers, these have been very slow, and rural farmers cannot take advantage of these opportunities if they do not have the local resources to take a first step on the ladder.

We dream of a future where no one is without a shelter, no one sleeps hungry and no child goes to school without breakfast. Until then, Humanity First Uganda will continue to help people living below the poverty line by putting food on their table through food support programs, such as food banks, mobile meals, and bulk distribution of food in the poor communities.

Our trained teams are dedicated to educating and in reducing malnutrition in our world. Every year, our Food Security programme assists over a quarter of a million people. HF is dedicated in educating communities about healthy choices, but also sharing means in which a community can self-sustain itself.

Around a billion people face malnutrition around the world. Humanity First Uganda aims to empower these people where possible to enable them to get themselves out of poverty, This includes food banks and pantries in higher income communities, and assistance for farming communities in low income communities to move from subsistence to commercial farming through solutions to increase crop yields, reduce wastage and technology to help turn raw crops into higher value food products.

Our mission is to aid communities to be economically sustainable to fight against hunger. The impact is larger if the positive effects are long term



Humanity First Uganda believes that food security is a basic human right. But around the world, that right is still being denied to far too many. Nearly a billion people around the world are facing food insecurity, due to poverty, natural disasters, conflicts and crises. Humanity First Uganda works with our volunteers and partners to serve the hungry, and eradicate the root causes of food insecurity through sustainable solutions.

What is Food Insecurity?

Food insecurity is the absence of adequate resources to maintain a consistent, nourishing diet. Ministry of Agriculture defines food insecurity as “a household-level economic and social condition of limited or uncertain access to adequate food.” This can mean actual starvation conditions, where communities lack adequate calories to sustain themselves, but it doesn’t have to. Even if a family has enough caloric intake, they may suffer negative effects from poor food quality and variety.

The State of World Food Security

For years, the global community was making slow but steady progress towards eradicating food security. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, between 2005 and 2014, the prevalence of undernourishment declined from impacting 945 million to 783.7 million. However, beginning in 2015 food insecurity began to rise, reaching 820.8 million in 2017. Fully 10.9% of the world are undernourished, and in Eastern Africa, the number is 31.4% — almost one third of the population

How is Humanity First Helping Making Food Secure?

Food Security in Uganda

Humanity First Uganda is working to ensure no one goes hungry by fighting food insecurity at home. In Uganda, our food security program has reduced hunger and food wastage, raised awareness and provided more than 80,000 with high yield seedlings and fertilizers for maize Ground nuts, Cassava, Oranges, Mangoes, Banana stalks and high yielding Goats and Poultry farming inputs for commercial agriculture in different regions across the country. Our ongoing programs include:

  • Establishing & supporting farmers with high yield agricultural inputs.
  • Organizing food drives
  • Setting up demonstration farms.
  • Sponsoring healthy eating and gardening programs at schools in under-served communities
  • Advocating for healthy eating and food conservation
  • Partnering with other organizations who share a common vision to make Uganda hunger-free.

Feed Humanity at Home

Food insecurity is a massive problem, affecting hundreds of millions of people worldwide. With your help, however, we can change that. Our society has the resources to make sure no one goes hungry. For just $50 a month, you can ensure a food insecure child in Uganda receives healthy, nutritious meals they need to grow. And with approximately 90% of our funds going directly to our programs, Humanity First Uganda will ensure that your generous donation stretches as far as possible to alleviate hunger and end human suffering.

Qurbani Service

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Food Security 2022 Distribution of Agro-Inputs to Farmers at Mawundo – Luuka

Food Security 2022 Distribution of Agro-Inputs to Farmers at Buyende

Food Security 2022 Distribution of Agro-Inputs to Farmers at Kasambira – Kamuli

Food Security 2017: Send a Goat Project at Kasambira – Kamuli

Food Security 2015: Feed a village (feeding the poor) at Budaka

Food Security 2015: Training and supporting of Local Poultry Farmers at Busia with Chicken

Food Security 2015: Training of Local Poultry Farmers at Budaka

Food Security 2014: Training and supporting Local Poultry Farmers at Budaka with Chicken

Food Security 2012: Distribution of Agriculture supplies to Kyankwanzi Farmers

Food Security 2010: Feed a Village – Feeding the needy at Budaka with Hot Food

Food Security 2010: Feed a Village Project – Namehere Rice Huller Machine

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