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In many countries, poorer people are losing their eyesight due to poor hygiene, poor nutrition or the prevailing weather conditions.

There are many visually impaired people around the world, but in low income countries, this exacerbates the effects of poverty. Typically, children with refractive error issues cannot study effectively and drop out of education, whilst older people start to suffer from conditions such as glaucoma and cataracts.

Due to various factors related to income, hygiene and climate, millions of people suffer impaired vision. As a result, they are often unable to read, work or look after their families. Our Gift of Sight programme provides free testing, prescription glasses, eye surgery and nutrition guidance for those who ordinarily cannot afford treatment, and helps them gain their independence again.

Relatively inexpensive interventions are helping to restore their sight and independence. Humanity First Uganda runs cataract surgery clinics, and also provides access to treatment of infections, prescription glasses and nutritional guidance.

Unfortunately, people dealing with visual impairment in developing countries do not often get the assistance that is necessary. Typically, children with uncorrected refractive issues, impacting their ability to complete their education. Humanity First Uganda offers free consultations, prescription glasses and cataract surgeries.

Humanity First Uganda has been assisting thousands of people in the country with prevention, prescription glasses, and in more extreme cases, cataract surgery, to help them restore their sight and get back to a normal lifestyle.




Free Gift of Sight Eye Care Screening Camp 2021 at Mbale Regional Referral Hospital

Free Gift of Sight Screening Camp 2021 at Pallisa General Hospital

Free Gift of Sight Cataract Surgeries Camp 2021 at Mbale Regional Referral Hospital

Free Gift of Sight Eye Care Screening Camp at Bukyikali, Mbale

Get Involved

Join our partners and work with Humanity First Uganda.

If you are an Opthalmologist or Surgeon and can spare 1-2 weeks to run a triage camp and help train clinicians, or if you have access to medical equipment or supplies which can be donated to us, please email us with your details under the title ‘GoS Support’.

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Please! Donate to support visually impaired people to restore their sight.

The Cataract Surgery for an individual costs just UGX. 250,000/= to restore sight for a visually impaired patient. But you or your organization could also sponsor the larger capital projects building new facilities where there are co-branding opportunities.