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In many low income countries, children do not complete their education for many reasons which include poor health, poverty and lack of educational resources.

Orphans and disabled children really struggle as there is no provision for them, and if they cannot afford a school uniform, they cannot attend.

According to UNESCO, around 75 million children do not attend school, with classrooms upto 50 students per one teacher. Literacy rates are around 50% in development countries. Millions of children do not have access to simple education. Without a quality education, children are less likely to escape their socioeconomic disparities. It is important for HF to implement education systems in places that do not have a learning model for children.

We ensure that children get the care and support they need to go to school. By helping build a strong foundation at a young age, we are decreasing the chance of the poverty cycle. Humanity First focuses on building and operating schools and vocational training centres to empower children to have a meaningful learning experience.

Building of new schools and vocational training centres, refurbishment of existing facilities, and empowerment of teachers and students to enable more children and youth to attain qualifications and to get themselves out of poverty.

Education is one of the greatest gifts you can give. It enables children to turn their natural curiosity about the world into the foundation of a better future, and helps adults build that future for themselves, their families and their communities.

But in many parts of the world, lack of educational opportunities condemn children and adults alike to a cycle of poverty. Decades of worldwide initiatives to improve global education have made considerable progress, but that progress has slowed in recent years, and education charities like Humanity First Uganda need more help than ever.


The State of Global Education

While the majority of the world’s children receive education, the opportunity is far from universal. According to UNESCO, “263 million children, adolescents and youth worldwide (or one in every five) are out of school – a figure that has barely changed over the past five years.” That includes 63 million primary school children — 9% of children between the ages of 6 and 11.

Lack of educational opportunity is particularly severe in Sub-Saharan Africa, where one third of children and teens are not in school. Girls are even more likely to be denied an education, with 123 girls out of school for every 100 boys.

How Humanity First is Helping

Humanity First is advancing global education in the communities that need it most. Through the Knowledge for Life Program, Humanity First has created schools and upgraded existing schools, creating science and IT labs and libraries.

Currently, we operate a total of 02 vocational training institutes.

We also do invaluable education charity work right here in Uganda. The Our Kids Our Future Initiative collaborates with undeserved schools to provide better learning opportunities for impoverished communities.

A Global Education Charity With Results

Humanity First Uganda has helped thousands of children gain an education, making a meaningful difference in the state of global education. Our programs are particularly important in isolated communities, some of which totally lacked educational opportunities previously.

All in all, our Knowledge for Life education charity program helped over 12,000 children learn since 2007. And we’re still growing. Every year, we’re building new schools, improving educational facilities, and bringing local educators and international volunteers to inspire children, with the help of people like you.


School Support 2021: Donation of School Furniture to Masroor Academy Kabende

School Support 2018: Donation of Scholastics to St. Francis Secondary School for the Blinds – Madera in Soroti Districts

School Support 2018: Donation of Desks to Buyende Grammar Primary School

School Support 2018: Donation of Desks to Kibaale Primary School

School Support 2016: Classroom Transformation at Mbikko, Kyanjale and Kibaale Schools

School Support 2015: Feeding of pupils of Ahmadiyya Primary School Kyanjale with Breakfast and Lunch

School Support 2014: Donation of Sewing Machines to Nakasongola District

School Support 2013: Donation of Science Laboratory Equipment to Namokoro Vocational Secondary School – Kitgum

School Support 2012: Donation of School Library Facilities to Ahmadiyya Muslim Primary School Mbikko and Kyanjale

2011: Inauguration of Tailoring Section at Humanity First Institute of Information Technology – Budaka

School Support 2011: Donation of Computers to Sironko District

School Support 2010: Donation of Uniforms to Nanyontso C/U Primary School

School Support 2010: Donation of Printing Press to Bugangaizi West County

School Support 2008: Donation of Printing Press to Kibaale District

2007: Inauguration of Humanity First Institute of Information Technology, Budaka

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