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Disease, natural disasters and man-made conflicts have left many children orphaned in challenging environments.

Without help, they are vulnerable and fall prey to traffickers who exploit the children without mercy.

Across the world, it is estimated that over 7% of children are orphaned as a result of conflict, disasters or health inequalities. Humanity First aims to support orphans as close to their home environments so that they maintain contact with extended family where possible and safe to do so.

There are millions of orphan children around the world and many of them do not have access to basic needs, including food, health and education. The Orphan Care program provides the orphan children a family environment under the care of foster parents and meets their basic needs, such as: Food, Clothing, Shelter, Education, Health Care, Love & Hope

Open the door of opportunities for a child through a small donation of $35 a month!

The number of orphans is increasing worldwide. Humanity First works against this trend and finances accommodation, food and education for orphans.

Events such as natural disasters or local conflicts often have a devastating impact on regional infrastructure, but the biggest victims are orphaned children. In such a traumatic situation, in which everyone has to fight for their survival, who cares about the well-being of the orphans?

The Humanity First Uganda Orphan Care Programme is a long-term and well-planned project that aims to provide shelter, education, clothing, security and a secure future for the children affected by the disaster and to enable them to become independent.

Humanity First’s mission is to provide orphans with a secure upbringing and provide them resources to live an independent life. We focus on creating stable environments with quality healthcare, food and education for all children. We believe it is every child’s right to have an enriched life with love and support. Securing a better future for children is fundamental in our beliefs.

The opening of our first orphanage is planned for 2022. This is currently being built in Western Uganda and will offer space for over 20 orphans after completion.




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Join our partners and work with Humanity First Uganda.

If you have expertise in dealing with youngsters and especially orphans or children, can speak fluently in Luganda or English, and could devote some time in the field, please get in touch.

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Providing for an individual orphan costs just UGX. 1,200,000/= a year, but you or your organization could also sponsor the larger capital projects building new facilities where there are co-branding opportunities.