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Humanity First Uganda has two main activities; disaster relief and human development. HFU responds to natural disasters and man-made conflicts to restore communities in partnership with the UN, national authorities and partner NGOs.

Humanity First Uganda has a number of longer-term sustainable programmes to alleviate poverty aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our global network of 3,500 volunteers and 400 medical staff ensure that we can deliver significantly more aid value in the field from funds raised. Providing immediate disaster relief whilst also, developing and nurturing long term projects dedicated to healthcare, education, clean water, vocational training and the care of orphans. We are focused in 8 (eight) specialized relief programmes to serve mankind.

Respond to disasters in the country with a range of services including emergency medicine, shelter, food and water, sanitation and hygiene.

Support for the most vulnerable in society including the disabled, older people and the homeless to give them dignity and security.

Services for orphans including shelter, health, food, education and training to help them transition to independent and positive living

Supporting farmers in agro-business skills, and projects in lower income regions to help farmers grow, store and process a range of staple crops.

Building and running schools and vocational training centres, empowering students and teachers to improve education outcomes.

Provision of local access to improved water for drinking and sanitation across to improve hygiene and health outcomes.

Build and run of medical clinics and hospitals and increasing clinical capacity in low income regions.

Access to eye tests, prescription glasses and cataract surgery to restore sight.

Volunteer recruitment, Donations, Fundraising, support to help make a difference in vulnerable communities

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