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From Farming support and tools to milling machines saving many hours a day of tough labour, we help communities to become self-sufficient.

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The poorest farmers lack the resources and opportunities to make a decent living for themselves. Their soils are depleted resulting in very poor agricultural yields.

They lack the tools and technology to store and process crops.

With the hardening conditions of living, some people in the country go without anything to eat while others have the semi processed food but lack the money too. This has been worsened by global conditions that do not favor a common man. This has led to very many people being malnourished, starvation or even dies due to lack of food. Humanity First Uganda under this project has been able to help people in this regard.

Food Security programme (Feed a village project) is supplemented by providing seedlings, fertilizers and food items to needy people. This is meant to increase food productions in families through agriculture.


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