Humanity First Uganda Provides Emergency Relief to Sironko District

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Humanity First Uganda provided emergency relief to the affected people of Sironko district who were hit by heavy floods. The District was hit worst by heavy rainfall, landslides storms and floods. Due to disastrous situation most of the crops were destroyed, roads were washed away by heavy floods. People of Sironko District were really in desperate condition. HFU was first on the ground to assess the impact of the disastrous situation. After the assessment, so it was decided to distribute cassava cuttings among themselves to make them able to stand on their feet again, schools hit by the disaster were donated with iron sheets for roofing. On 5th August, 2007, along with Hon. Dr. Beatrice Wabudeya Minister for Presidency, the Chairman District Council Sironko, undersigned visited the area for donation of goods along with Dr. Rafee Ahmad, Mr. Usman Hashim and Mr. Ataul-Aziz as a delegation of Humanity First Uganda.

Road condition was so bad that we could not manage to reach to the end  the first time, but with the help of local people and District Council, we managed to reach and distributed a number of relief items such as iron sheets, seedlings for plantation and many other items. For more details read the report below.